Abdullah Snobar: Owning Canada’s Greatness (A Lesson from OVO)

Silhouette of skyscrapers from below creating a maple-leaf shape opening in the sky.

As we progress through the year, it’s time for all of us to wake up and shift from defensive mode to offensive. Being Canadian holds power on the world stage, and it’s time we own it. Our reputation cannot be boiled down to merely being friendly, polite, and humble. We’re failing to see that we’re much […]

POWER 50: Meet Canada’s Most Impactful Companies of 2023

In a nation known for its breathtaking landscapes, Canada’s innovation panorama is equally awe-inspiring. Our ninth annual guide presents a dynamic showcase of 50 trailblazing companies reshaping the Canadian landscape across business, technology, arts, and culture.   Within this guide, you’ll find a group of game-changing companies (some familiar, some you may never have heard […]

OVO’s Oliver El-Khatib is Building Canada’s Next Big Legacy Brand From Home

Oliver El-Khatib looking stoic into the camera. He is wearing a white button-up shirt with a grey tie and navy blue pants. He is seated in a director's chair against a beige background.

It’s a perfect summer day in Toronto, a rare respite from the heavy, humid heat typical of the city at this time of year. Tucked away in a pocket of the city’s Leslieville neighbourhood, a photoshoot is about to get underway as a production crew of photographers and editors scurry around, setting up lighting and […]