15 Must-Watch Documentaries on Black History and Culture

Image of Black documentaries to watch on orange background

To some, Black History Month represents a time to commemorate the rich cultural contributions of the Black community. For others, it acts as an opportunity to further educate themselves about the realities of inequality, discrimination, and the systemic barriers to racial justice that still live on today. This year, we’ve selected 15 documentaries streaming in […]

Obama in Toronto: Five Takeaways on the Future Workforce

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On January 23, 6000 people in Toronto skipped school or work to breathe the same air as the incomparable – and arguably effortlessly charming – President Barack Obama.  Hosted by the Economic Club of Canada (ECC) and the Global Institute for Conscious Economics, and moderated by the ECC owner and CEO, Rhiannon Rosalind, “Future Skills: […]