Baby On Board: Martha Switzer Walked Into A Nike+ Accelerator with Her Newborn, and Walked Out With New Business

Martha Switzer and baby Bay Street Bull

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Illustration: Theo Lamar Martha Switzer is the co-founder of Sprout, a digital platform that makes wellbeing more accessible to the workforce.  Motherhood and entrepreneurship is a balancing act without a lot of balance. You are consistently being pulled in multiple directions and juggling too many balls at the same time. There’s added pressure because […]

Thinx Was A Sinking Ship. CEO Maria Molland Saved It.

Thinx CEO, Maria Molland, was brought in to save a sinking ship. Now it’s doing better than ever.  Building a successful company from scratch is hard enough, but what happens when you’re brought on to revive one that’s on the brink of self-destruction? That’s what Maria Molland faced when she joined Thinx as their new […]