The Upgrade: LG’s OLED TV


How to navigate the confusing, technical landscape of TV technology. Written by Ed Hitchins OLED televisions are now the standard of what defines a great centrepiece for home entertainment, giving more life and definition to a picture than the “tube” televisions of yesteryear. But with invention comes innovation: Just like how flat screens replaced tube […]

South Hill Home celebrates 15 years in Toronto

South Hill

South Hill Home opened its DuPont Street doors on May 16th for its Grand Opening evening soirée celebrating their 15th anniversary. Written by Jordana Colomby The beloved furniture brand welcomed 200 guests into their reimagined showroom with food, drinks and dancing. World-renowned designers like David Haymann, President of Haymann Edition, and Jader Almeida, Lead designer at […]

Isaac No 1289 Is An Artisanal Candle Inspired By Cognac


ISAAC NO 1289 IS A LUXURY MEN’S CARE LINE THAT LAUNCHED LATE IN 2017. DANNY ISHAC, ITS MAKER, ENTICES THE SENSES WITH HIS HAND-POURED ARTISAN CANDLES. Written By Chris Penrose The candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks to avoid any toxins in the burning process. One of the unique features of Isaac No […]