Sundays Furniture Opens Showroom in Calgary

Bright showroom with a terra cotta coloured two-step platform. On top of it is a plus white seat and a large plant in a concrete planter.

Earlier this year, Sundays, one of Canada’s leading direct-to-consumer furniture brands, proudly opened their fourth showroom in Calgary, Alberta. Since their launch in 2019, Sundays has experienced a surge in popularity and growth, resulting in an expansion in both retail showrooms as well as key internal roles, including Marketing Director, Creative Director, and Ecommerce Merchandising. […]

South Hill Home celebrates 15 years in Toronto

South Hill

South Hill Home opened its DuPont Street doors on May 16th for its Grand Opening evening soirée celebrating their 15th anniversary. Written by Jordana Colomby The beloved furniture brand welcomed 200 guests into their reimagined showroom with food, drinks and dancing. World-renowned designers like David Haymann, President of Haymann Edition, and Jader Almeida, Lead designer at […]

This Coffee Table Is Made Of The Same Material As Kitchen Countertops


JUSTIN BAILEY WANTS TO KNOW WHAT THE MATERIALS AROUND US CAN DO. HE BELIEVES WE CAN GET MORE FROM THEM. The Iso Table is a beautiful manifestation of this exploration. The bent black steel rods are meant to do two things: they bring the design process into the finished product by suggesting the ink lines […]