How My Bollywood Body Used Social Media to Build a Fitness Empire

Sunny from My Bollywood Body in the gym listing a dumbbell.

The Creators is an editorial series presented by Glory Professional that focuses on the career paths, strategies, and tactical advice of today’s most compelling social media entrepreneurs.   Meet Rizwan “Sunny” Rabbani, the driving force behind My Bollywood Body. As a full-time fitness trainer, content creator, and owner of 13 businesses, Sunny’s journey into social […]

Michael Garrity on Building Tech in a Turbulent Environment

Michael Garrity, CEO of the tech company Financeit, sitting on a stool in a white room with some plants in the background. He is wearing blue jeans, a white, button down shirt, and he is smiling.

Just over a year ago, the New York Times published what would become a widely-read article on Toronto’s technology industry, describing it as a “quietly booming tech town.” Before that, Canada was dubbed Silicon Valley North, a region to keep an eye on for extreme growth in the tech industry. This was a warranted moniker […]