Fairmont Hotel’s & Mattel Launch “The Barbie Dream Experiences”

Photo of the "Barbie Dream Suite" (Bedroom 1) at the Barbie Dream Experiences. All the walls are Barbie Pink, and there is a collection of Barbie themed furniture that decorates the room.

In an exciting announcement for both the young and the young at heart, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has teamed up with the renowned Mattel, Inc. to bring forth a year-long partnership that will sprinkle a touch of magic into the heart of Montreal. The spotlight is now on Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, the host of […]

Culture Counsel: How Mattel Banked Big on Marketing Barbie

Image of Barbie driving down the street of Barbie Land in her pink car.

Love it or hate it, the world has gone pink! Unless you are living under a rock, you cannot escape the behemoth marketing budget behind Mattel’s release of its movie, Barbie. Coupled with a record setting box office hit ($1 billion and counting), the proliferation of Barbie-associated merchandise is, depending on your perspective, all-encompassing, overwhelming, […]

13 Fascinating Barbie Facts That Will Blow You Away

Margot Robbie smiling and sitting in the driver's seat of a bright pink convertible car. She is wearing a blue polka dot headband with a matching dress and bracelet.

It’s the summer of 2023 and these days, it seems like wherever you look, Barbie has completely dominated our feeds in anticipation of its theatrical release. With a whopping 36 brand partnerships in play, it’s no surprise why Barbie has tapped into the cultural zeitgeist of today. Before you hit the theatres, embrace your inner […]