In a world that is increasingly becoming defined by technological advancements and endless content scrolling, what role does a symphony orchestra play in the big picture of it all? It’s a question that Mark Williams has had to confront in his role as CEO of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO).
The challenge ahead is an interesting one—how do you honour the rich legacy of a century-old cultural institution without being beholden to that same history, to innovate, push boundaries, and charge into the future? 
For Williams—the first Black CEO of a major North American orchestra—it’s about community. An orchestra is hardly a relic of the past but rather a dynamic force that has the power to open doors and minds by bringing people together, whether on the stage or in the audience.
As the TSO embarks on its 101st year and its next century ahead, Williams envisions an orchestra that listens more than it speaks, touching lives in ways that go beyond the concert hall.
On this episode, Lance chats with Mark about the power of music, diversity in the symphony orchestra, and what the orchestra of the future looks like.