George Soleas is the President and CEO of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), one of the world’s most influential forces in the world of spirits.

In this special live recording of Mission Critical Live: The Bold Conversations (presented by Veuve Clicquot), George chats with Lance and shares his extraordinary journey from a refugee in Cyprus to the C-suite.

Starting as a chef in Ontario, he leveraged his passion for customer service into a diverse career, including steel manufacturing and winemaking, accumulating a diverse set of skills that would prepare him for an incredible career ahead. Driven by a commitment to continuous learning, he earned degrees in chemistry, metallurgy, and a Master’s in Logistics.

In this live episode, Lance and George discuss his entrepreneurial journey, the immense power of allyship, the LCBO’s commitment to inclusivity, and the enduring value of lifelong learning.